Thursday, September 4, 2008

India's Free Hospital

Saifee Hospital
Anandalok Hospital
Osmania General HospitalIt is estimated that Indin's population living below the poverty estimate of the population in 2005 was 455 million, accounting for about one-third of the total population global poverty.

But according to the Constitution of India, all citizens are entitled to free medical care. With incomplete statistics, India established 22,000 primary health centres, 11,000 hospitals, 27,000 clinics and more than 2,000 community medical center. These forming a broad coverage of the health care network.

These government hospitals opened their doors to all patients. All services are all free, including the register, surgical and drugs, even health care, for example, massage.

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Boeing Strike will be Avoided?

Boeing StrikeOn 28th, Boeing submitted a "best final" contract proposal to the largest trade union organization and made certain concessions to workers in order to avoid a strike.

It was said within the next three years, Boeing will provide an average of 34,000 U.S. dollars in additional wages and bonuses to the staff who are under the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.

Boeing's previous proposal is 28,000 U.S. dollars.

Peter Jacobs, an aviation industry analyst form Ragen Mackenzie said Boeing seems to make another major concession, I think the possibility of a strike significantly decreased.

IAM members scheduled to vote for the contract on 3th, September. Then the current contract which has lasted for 36 months will expire. If there is no new contract, unions will be on strike on 4th, September.

If more than 34 percent of union members approve Boeing's latest proposal, the strike will be avoided. Because it is need to more than two-thirds majority of members vote against the proposal.

Any strike would further delay the time of Boeing 787 Dreamliner's delivery, which is essential to the company's future financial situation.

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Hurricane Gustav Weakened, International Oil Price Plunge Overnight

International Oil PriceThe storm Gustav landing the United States, triggered the largest evacuation in the history of Louisiana. About 2 million people withdrawed from coastal areas. After Gustav landing, it weakened into one level hurricane, making the the international oil price plunge overnight.

This result surprised the analysts who expected oil prices rose above 10 U.S. dollars. Although more than 96 percent of oil and more than 82 percent of natural gas production facilities in Mexico Gulf have been closed, most staff from rigs and platforms evacuated, but the local U.S. "Oil & Gas Journal" thought that "the hurricanes did not made so serious impact on the oil market."

Insiders said that international oil prices fell Monday, the storm's weakening is one reason. More importantly, the strong dollar trend, coupled with the market had already expected, oil prices rising factors have been digested.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

China Exports of Massage Apparatus Report (2007)

In recent years, the international market has strong demand of Chinese massage apparatus. And raising the level of domestic manufacturing provide technical support for manufacturing equipment. The world production gradually shifted to China, so that China become a world manufacturing centre of massage apparatus. According to customs' statistics, in 2007 China's import and export massage equipments amounted to 990 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 26.40 percent, 34.50 percent price increase. The featured products are massage chair, massage bed and massage hammer.

China's massage apparatus export to 164 countries and regions. The main market are the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Germany and Spain. And new growth points are in the market of Australia, Vietnam, South Africa. South Korea, China Taiwan's exports declined. The previous five major export markets accounting for the amount of 54.37 percent, dropped by 9 percentage, compared with 2006.

Last year, China's total of 1,786 massage equipment exporters, the export volume of over 10 million U.S. dollars were 14 enterprises, accounting for 43.69 percent of a total value of exports; exports more than 1 million U.S. dollars were 137 enterprises, 42.70 percent of the total amount. Relative high concentration of exports, but on a limited scale enterprises.

As China's massage equipment manufacturing technology continues to progress and innovation, industry continue to grow and develop, but little independent research and development products, and more oriented to imitation. The same products between enterprises of the is very serious. The professional experts on developing new products is very rare.

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High-tech Command Vehicle Appeared in Shanghai

Command VehicleRecently, in order to ensure the security of rail transport, the Shanghai Railway Police put a new command vehicle into use at the scene.
command vehicle integrated the all-round monitoring, emergency lighting, on-site office and rotating machinery parts. Roof can be equipped with eight infrared cameras and several high-power loudspeakers.

The big-screen in the vehicle can clearly show the situation of the whole station square. There are two computers, one can connect to internal security network, another one can connect the Internet. If the suspected persons were found at the scene, you can identify it through internal security network.

It is told that in the Olympic period, the command vehicle have been all-weather monitored the Shanghai Station to ensure security during the Olympic Games.
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Computer Crime is Rampant in Kenya

Computer CrimeKenya ICT expert Kaligewa Muchiri recently said that computer crime in Kenya led to the annual loss of about 10 billion Kenyan shillings (one dollar is about equal 68 Kenya shillings).

Kenya's second largest newspaper, "banner" on the 1st quoted Kaligewa Muchiri that the result of computer crime, such as Kenya and other countries in east Africa sufferred huge business losses. Such threat not only increasing the operator's costs but also wasting a lot of time.

He said that Internet security and e-commerce facing many challenges including data theft, viruses, hackers, spam and so on. African countries is building a solid, flexible online trading system to promote e-commerce development.

According to reports, the first East Africa International Conference of e-commerce and Internet security will be held on 18 to 19 by Kenya. The core issue of the meeting is how to improve the security of e-commerce.

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Google will Launch the Browser Chrome Tomorrow

Google Chrome BrowserAccording to a variety of media reports, Google will offer a World Wide Web browser, named Chrome. The browser will released as early as tomorrow, and users will be able to download and use it.

Earlier, Google has always supported Mozilla, a open-source browser. Last week, Google announced supporting Mozilla Foundation untill 2011. Google will pay royalties for the clicks from the Firefox search ads.

The rumors about Google browser have been for many years. In competition with Microsoft, Google has launched a competition product for the Office, but has not yet become popular. Google browser will be the most direct attack to Microsoft.

The source said Google is accelerating the deployment of browser is against IE8's new features, such as to privacy protection function which prevent the collection of information. It would reduce the effectiveness of advertising.

Google Chrome Logo
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Monday, September 1, 2008

Massage Chair is Expanding to a Huge Market

Massage ChairMassage is a traditional method for health and leisure. There has a long history of 4000 years. It is very common in SPA centres and treatment rooms. The massage chair simulate the fingers, push the human body's fatigue and pain location, in order to increase the body's comfort.
As people's health awareness is constant high, and more and more people pay attention to leisure and relaxation, massage chairs started continuously stationed in the retail shops and the Americans homes.

More and more consumers aware of this very unique chair brought benefits. Moreover, today's massage chairs has shaken off its initial impression of consumers. Before, people are always considered function more important than form.

Now, there are many models of massage chair for consumer choice, including lounge and home theater massage chair. These massage chairs have the capabilities of the rotation and kneading. And in the latest products, there is heating system installed to upgrade the massage chair comfort.

At the same time, new type of massage chairs also raised the aesthetic value, so as to better integrate into the interior furnishings.

Previously, the majority of massage chairs are sold in various stores. These stores mainly sold back health products, such as Relax the Back stores, Sharper Image stores and Brookstone stores. With the increase in demand for massage chairs and prices fell, more and more retailers to sell its massage chairs, including Art Van (furniture stores), Costco (wholesalers), major retailers and electronics vendors.

Cozzia is a China-based supplier. CEO Nathan Munton said that 15 percent of Japanese households have a massage chair. Munton said this is a huge market, and the United States and Canada consumer groups are gradually expanding, and will be a certain scale in the next five to eight years.

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Contrast of Obama and McCain's Policies

Obama VS McCainU.S. Democratic presidential candidate Obama on the 3rd got the presidential nomination. This means that in November U.S. presidential election, he will represent the Democratic Party and compete with John McCain, the Republican candidate. They have different political views on a number of hot issues, in sharp contrast.


Obama: Opposes to Bush government's policy of tax cuts for the affluent sectors whose revenue is 250,000 U.S. dollars or more.
McCain: Supports Bush government's policy of income tax reduction, and intends to reduce the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%.


Obama: Urges the re-negotiated about the North American Free Trade Agreement to strengthen the terms of labour and environmental; supports to reach the free trade agreement with Peru.
McCain: Supports free trade agreement with Colombia, South Korea and Panama, and new free trade agreement negotiations with 27 EU member states; opposes the changing of North American Free Trade Area Agreement; supports for opening new trade markets.

Iraq War

Obama: Always opposed the Iraq war, and during the election campaign promised that if elected president, will withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq within 16 months.
McCain: Voteed in support of the Iraq war in Senate, opposed the withdrawal timetable. He recently said that if elected president, will achieve the goals of Iraq in 2013 and withdraw U.S. combat troops.

Health Insurance

Obama: Supports the continuation of the current payment of the employer-based health insurance system; supports the federal government to impose universal child health insurance plan; establishment of a national health insurance project.
McCain: Opposes to the federal government to impose national health insurance plan.


Obama: Emphasizes the negotiation is more important than military action, said that will negotiate with Iran, Syria, North Korea and Venezuela.
McCain: Appeals United States to play a more active and effective role in the international diplomatic stage, and promises to rebuild the relationship between United States and its allies .

Climate Change

Obama: Commits reduce United States carbon dioxide emissions to 1990 levels in 2020.
McCain: Supports to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent before 2050; calls for the adoption of clean energy technology development and use of alternative energy sources to achieve this goal.

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Obama Accepted the President Nomination, will Focus on Economic

Barack Obama Evening of 28, U.S. Senator Obama accepted the presidential nomination in the Democratic National Convention, became the first minorities ethnic U.S. presidential candidate nominated by major political parties.

Recently, Obama can accommodate gave a speech to 75,000 people in the stadium of Denver. He said that the Bush government's failed policies and domestic partisan struggle over the past eight years led to declining of living standards of ordinary people. Therefore, he asked the Democrats, Republicans and independent people to take measures to change the actuality, ensure the United States hopes immortal.

Tax cuts, education, medical protection are Obama's election platform

In his speech, Obama reiterated the necessity of tax reduction policy for working families, achieving energy self-sufficiency through the development of alternative energy sources, providing world-class education for young people, and supplying health services which are affordable by all people.

Against McCain's criticism on his lack of experience in foreign and defence, Obama said the era's of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy has confirmed the Democratic Party has the ability to deal with these matters.

Obama also criticized the Bush goverment's foreign policy making the several generations of U.S. Democratic Party and the Republican's efforts have been in vain. He said that the Democratic Party will restore these legacy, and end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, prevent Iran from acquiring of nuclear weapons, establish a new partnership to deal with the the threat to U.S. in the 21st Century.

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