Thursday, February 19, 2009

Aigo camera first time surpass Japanese brands

Aigo digital camera T60The latest survey in January, 2009 showed that the sales of Aigo digital camera T60 jumped to the first place. The survery is from Gome, China's largest home appliance retail chain store. This is the first time China-made digital camera sales surpass Japanese brands.

T60 is the flagship point & shoot digital camera of aigo’s with new generation dual core image processor, announced in summer 2008. It is featured with a size of 1/2.5 inch 8.0 Mega Pixel sharp CCD image sensor, a 3X optical zoom and 3.0 inch 230,000-pixel PURE-COLOR LTPS TFT LCD which are the mainstream of the current standard. Otherwise, it also featured with functions of face detection, the smiling face shutter, panoramic image stitching and manual exposure which make it a more competitive digital compact camera. For ordinary users, aigo T60 is quite a good choice.

aigo T60 features a slim and fashion style metal body, the metal shell is dealt with technology, which make it looks precision, low glisten and feels good, better than that of many Japanese brand camera. The two upper and lower body positive arc made T60 appears to be simple and generous. aigo T60 has a 3x optical zoom lens, the mill lens ring makes the camera bright. The camera is light weight that only 120g (excluding battery), the body size is slim of 92.5mm x 58 mm x 19.9mm.

8.2 Mega Pixel Sharp CCD

aigo T60 used an advanced 8.0MP Sharp CCD Sensor which is world famous high quality and speedy CCD to bring you high quality images. The CCD size is 1/2.5” that is the popular application in the majority digital compact camera. With this high quality CCD sensor, aigo T60 offers expanded ISO sensitivity range to 1600.

Dual Core Image Processor

The aigo T60 built-in a high-performance dual-core 32-bit image processor, this powerful processor could deal with the task at a double the process in the same time, makes the intelligent focus more efngine to provide faster image processing; It features hardware 3A (automaticficient and more accurate. It the use of multi-channel hardware acceleration eally Coke, auto exposure, automatic white balance) to speed up function let the focus faster, exposure and white balance more accurate.

3x Optical Zoom Lens and 5x Digital Zoom

T60 introduced a mainstream 3x optical zoom lens which is composed of five Group total of six lenses, maximum aperture range from 2.9 to 5.3, equivalent to the 35mm camera focal length of 34-102mm. The mini focus distance of wide-angle is 10cm, telephoto focus is 35mm. T60 functions 5x digital zoom, and so you can get total 15x larger image view on your shooting.

3.0 Inch LCD Display

aigo T60 bulit-in a huge 3.0 inch pure color LTPS TFT LCD display for image preview or display photos or videos. Very reliable preview feeling, the color of display is fresh, the reduction of a variety of colors are accurate. The display offers 170 degree angle of wide view.

Face Detection and Smile Auto Capture

With Face Detection technology, T60 can automatically detect people’s face and adjust the focus when face move, this makes it a competitive powerful camera compare with Canon cameras. But more step-up is, T60 owns unique innovative smile face auto capture function that when a detected face smiles, the shutter automatically fires.

Panoramic Shooting and Image Stitching

What’s more impressive is actually for T60 is a how an innovative function this camera is. That is Panoramic Shooting and Auto Image Stitching. This mode allows you to shoot ultra wide panoramic shots. You can create wide-view photos by automatically stitching three images into a single panoramic scene.

Intelligent Multi Point Focus

aigo T60 features five focus point which one focus point is in center, four locate on up, down, left and right position, they are automatically selective appear based on the object you are focus on when you are half pressing the shutter button. With these five focus point assistant, you can get more clear and more details of image.

Intelligent Anti-Shake

With intelligent anti-shake function to prevent shaking shooting image, just need to press the anti-shake button in the camera when you are shot something, you can easily get a nice picture you wanted.

Manual Exposure and Custom Setting

T60 adopts turntable style function keys, simple to operate. It has some advanced exposure modes such as “Tv”, “Av”, “P” that commonly used in the advanced digital cameras. These modes are manual adjustable. The “Av” (aperture priority) mode that has two respectively adjustable aperture, that is, F2.9 and F5.3, and the “Tv” mode (shutter priority) has 11 adjustable scope of the regulation, from 2 seconds to 1/2000 Seconds.

Multiple Preset Scene Modes

aigo T60 has advanced presets for the best possible photos under certain conditions. With 16 shooting and Scene Modes, you're ready for whatever shot comes your way.

Originally Posted: China Business Daily
Author: Angulo Fu