Thursday, August 28, 2008

Foxconn: iPhone Girl will not be Punished

iPhone GirlThe iPhone 3G was one of this year's most anticipated products from Apple. With more than a million handsets sold, one in particular shipped with three images of an Asian Foxconn Technology Group worker posing over an iPhone assembly line.

The photos were posted by a British consumer who purchased the iPhone, then posted the photos to Mac Rumors under the username "markm49uk." Since the photos have surfaced, many questions and discussions have taken place as to who she is, and whether she will lose her job.

According to Mac Rumors, a Foxconn representative confirmed that she was an employee of the Shenzhen Factory and addressed the termination concerns expressed by many readers.

At about 4 pm yesterday, a journalist again to Foxconn Technology Group, Guanlan Science Park. Miss Liu, a worker from Foxconn production detection line, said according to company's principle, any analysis personnel forget to delete photos is illegal, should be dismissed. But she did not know the girl reported.

At about 5 pm, a staff from the media department of Foxconn Technology Group, confirmed the iPhone girl is the factory's worker, but she has not been expelled. He said that Foxconn has contacted with the iPhone consultations. They all think this is a beautiful flaw. So, the girl will not be held responsible.

Originally Posted: China Business Daily
Author: Angulo Fu