Friday, August 29, 2008

Steve Jobs Bogged Down Health Rumors, Five Major Missions are not Completed

Steve Jobs In recent months, Steve Jobs's physical condition became the focus of industry attention. Some people even suspected him of cancer recurrence. And just in this critical period, the United States Bloomberg News mistakenly released Jobs Obituary in the afternoon of Wednesday .

The evaluation of Jobs is that the computer has become easy-to-use like the mobile phone; he changed the production way of the animated films, make digital music popular and lead the trendy of the handset design. Bloomberg quickly removed the obituary, but left some reverie to people.

Some analysts believe that Jobs is still below 5 works have not yet been completed:

1. Tablet PC

The touch-screen technology used by iPhone has been applied to the iPod products. But Apple hinted that iPod is not the only use of touch technology products. Some analysts believe that Apple will take the touch technology into the Tablet PC. Bill Shope, Analyst of Credit Suisse Global think it is very likely for Apple to launch the Tablet PC in short term.

2. TV

Early in this year, Forrester Research first proposed the idea in a report. Subsequently, the Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak also hinted that Apple will launch its own design TV. If so, Apple TV will regain freshman.

3. Remote control equipment

For Jobs which has strong desire of control, introducing a remote control device is almost irresistible. In fact, Apple has made efforts in this area. For example, Apple has developed an application that allows users of iPhone and iPod remote control a computer or Apple TV.

4. e-Reader

Amazon's e-book reader Kindle has early succeeded, but still fly in the ointment. In addition to the deficiencies in the design, Kindle lack of business mode for success. Unlike iPod, to closely integrate the equipment and contents.

5. Personal Computer

Graphical user interface and a mouse is not the invention of Steve Jobs, but he first applied these technology to a computer, and attract users. Mac computers has been launched for 24 years. But now, keyboard is still the main form of dialogue between human and computer. With the popularity of touch technology, I believe Jobs should have some ideas in improving human-computer interaction.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Differences of 3G Network Cause iPhone 3G Connection Problem

iPhone 3GAccording to media reports, a survey recently released shows that iPhone 3G frequent connection problems because of the service providers' 3G network, rather than the phone itself.

Recently, the rest of the world's users of iPhone 3G are complaining about the phone's problems of connection interruption and not enough signal strength. In response, the well-known technology magazine and Gadget Lab conducted a survey. According to the survey, recently iPhone 3G's problems stem form regional differences of 3G network, rather than the iPhone's.'s surveys show that the United States and Europe 3G network coverage strength are very different. Specifically, the 3G network users form Germany and the Netherlands enjoy the best of their download speeds, can reach about 2000 Kbps. And majority of users which can connected to the 3G in the United States. At the same time, the survey also showed that the users under the service provider T-Mobile's network coverage in Europe can enjoy the fatest download speed, can achieve an average of 1822 Kbps. The Europe's 3G network is most mature, while the U.S. 3G network started in 2004.

Followed by Europe is Rogers and Fido, two Canadian service providers. Their download speeds can up to about 1330 Kbps. Although the United States 3G network is not mature, but AT & T's network is still ranked third, its download speed is around 990 Kbps, are tied with the Telstra (Australia), Softbank (Japan) and Telia (Sweden). The slowest 3G network's ownership is the Australian service providers Optus and Virgin, the average download speed of only 390 Kbps.

From a small region, such networks are still obvious different. For example, the survey shows that in Manhattan, New York Rockefeller Center and Fifth Avenue, there is very strong 3G signal. But other regions of the New York network are not always.'s survey showed that iPhone 3G's major problems stem from the service providers' network, rather than the phone itself. And if fact is as the survey, then Apple will not be able to update software to solve the users' problems. Because in order to solve this problem, Apple should wait for all service providers optimize their 3G network.

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PetroChina Interim Net Profit of 53.62 Billion Yuan, Drop 34.5%

PetroChina Company LimitedPetroChina Company Limited published 2008 first semi-anual report. In accordance with international accounting standards, PetroChina made net profit 53.62 billion yuan in the first half year, down 34.5 percent. And basic earnings per share of 0.29 yuan, down about 0.17 yuan. Attributable to shareholders of the company's net income was 48.355 billion yuan, 36.3 percent lower, earnings per share 0.26 yuan, down 0.16 yuan. PetroChina will distributed 0.131827 yuan per share which is 45 percent of the net profits as an interim dividend.

According to the semi-anual report, subject to the prices of the crude oil and refined oil, refining and marketing segment first half loss of 59.015 billion yuan, while still achieving profit 3.925 billion yuan in the same period last year operating . The plate is still in the main source of income. PetroChina recognized that 4.573 billion yuan subsidy from the government in the first half year.

Because of the high price of the oil, the upstream exploration and production segments are still the most important contribution to the profitability of units. However, high costs with high-yield, the company's special receipts up to 47.8 billion yuan, significantly drag the overall performance.

According to PetroChina's finnancial report, China's crude oil production of 4.35 million barrels, up 3.5 percent; production of 923 billion cubic feet of natural gas sales, an increase of 15.7 percent. Exploration and production segment continue to be the pillar of China's oil profits, and operating profit 130.23 billion yuan, up 35 percent year-on-year rise.

PetroChina issued 4.0 billion A-shares last October, the total funds raised 66.8 billion yuan, 66.243 billion yuan of funds for the net, using the fund-raising total amount of 47.159 billion yuan.

To meet the needs of production and operation, in June this year, PetroChina's board resolution to form a group or groups in the territory of the total public offering of not more than 60 billion yuan in corporate bonds, the company and shareholders have approved by the general assembly.

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Foxconn: iPhone Girl will not be Punished

iPhone GirlThe iPhone 3G was one of this year's most anticipated products from Apple. With more than a million handsets sold, one in particular shipped with three images of an Asian Foxconn Technology Group worker posing over an iPhone assembly line.

The photos were posted by a British consumer who purchased the iPhone, then posted the photos to Mac Rumors under the username "markm49uk." Since the photos have surfaced, many questions and discussions have taken place as to who she is, and whether she will lose her job.

According to Mac Rumors, a Foxconn representative confirmed that she was an employee of the Shenzhen Factory and addressed the termination concerns expressed by many readers.

At about 4 pm yesterday, a journalist again to Foxconn Technology Group, Guanlan Science Park. Miss Liu, a worker from Foxconn production detection line, said according to company's principle, any analysis personnel forget to delete photos is illegal, should be dismissed. But she did not know the girl reported.

At about 5 pm, a staff from the media department of Foxconn Technology Group, confirmed the iPhone girl is the factory's worker, but she has not been expelled. He said that Foxconn has contacted with the iPhone consultations. They all think this is a beautiful flaw. So, the girl will not be held responsible.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dubai Door, Another Fantastic Building

Dubai DoorDubai is always famous for luxury building, sunch as Dubai Tower. Now, Dubai hired a Norwegian architect, to complete a called "Dubai Door" program.Dubai DoorDubai DoorDubai DoorThis fantastic building is located in Dubai, 150 kilometers east of the city, is the symbol of Dubai's door. One of the main tower as high as 220 meters, will be a five-star hotel.Dubai DoorDubai DoorOriginally Posted: China Business Daily

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The Main Structure of World's Seventh High-Rise Building Capped

Zifeng TowerIn my previous article, China will construct many skyscrapers in the future. Now, a new skyscraper is building in my city, which is Nanjing city of Jiangsu province.

Zifeng Tower's main structure has been capped, which is 381 meters high. The top of the building will raise a beacon of 69 meters next month. 450 meters is his highest point. This is the first high-rise building in Jiangsu province, is the world's seventh tower. The world's first high-rise building must be the Dubai Tower.
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The Latest World Bank's Global Poverty Estimate, Indian Accounting for 1/3

Indian Children The World Bank recently published data showed, the latest poverty estimate for the daily income is 1.25 U.S. dollars. It is estimated that Indin's population living below the poverty estimate of the population in 2005 was 455 million, accounting for about one-third of the total population global poverty .

The World Bank statement said the new definition of the poverty estimate in 2005 is the world's poorest countries from 10 to 20 derived based on the average. There are about 1.4 billion people lower than the global standards, accounting for 26 percent of the total global population.

Reported that the World Bank made the latest definition under the global cost of living up. It is estimated that up to 2005, and India's 455 million people living in extreme poverty, representing an increase of 36 million comparing with 1981. The World Bank in a statement said that the India's high economic growth is to reduce the number of people living in extreme poverty.

According to Indian official estimates, from 2004 to 2005, there 301.72 million people living in extreme poverty. The World Bank statement said that, as in the poorest countries the proportion of the population, the proportion of people living in extreme poverty in India over the same period from 60 percent to 42 percent, still higher than the official estimate of India's 27.5 percent.

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Australian Mining Giant Said China Wants to Build 50,000 Skyscrapers

China SkyscraperRioTinto, one of the world's three major iron ore giants of Australia said that China will construct 50,000 skyscrapers in the next 20 years! Its size equivalent to 10 times than New York. RioTinto said that the news will create long-term and steady demand of raw materials, such as iron and steel industry.

According to the British "Guardian" reported, on August 27, the Rio Group forecast China will have 221 cities in population over 1 million in the future, but today the European population over 1 million of the city are only 35. McKinsey predicts, in addition to large-scale infrastructure building, China will build 20,000 to 50,000 skyscrapers, many of which will be built in less developed inland provinces, rather than big cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

Tom Albanese, the CEO of RioTinto, optimism said optimistically that there is no doubt that mineral industry is currently facing a huge demand, unprecedented.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Follow-up of Beijing Olympic Games Venues?

Beijing Olympic Games StadiumsAugust 24, 2008, when the Olympic flame extinguished in the night sky of Beijing, cheers dispersed, can not be evaded a question before it. How to use the stadiums which are invested huge amounts of money. All previous Olympic Games experience and lessons tell us that the building of venues costly, after utilization of small, high maintenance costs, which is almost all the Olympic Games are plagued by a host of problems.

Beijing Olympic Games a total of 37 competition venues, of which 31 are in Beijing, including 12 new venues, expanded 11, and eight venues are temporary building. There are aslo 6 competition venues outside of Beijing.

How to use the Nest Stadium?The Nest StadiumIn sports industry developed countries, selling the right to title occupy a very important position in the operation of sports venues. After the Olympic Games in Sydney, in order to get the right to title of the main stadium, Australia Telecommunications Company spent 10 million Australian dollars on it. Munich's Allianz Stadium, Munich Allianz Insurance Company (IANZ) title sponsorship of the stadium. The rate is 120 million euros for 30 years.

It is learnt that the title of Nest Statium will be sold after the Beijing Olympic Games. Currently, six multinational companies have decided to take part in the competition. As the Nest Stadium's particularity, the owners said that the title of the right to determine, is not necessarily the price, in addition to depend on for their own economic enterprises, brand value, corporate culture and so on will become the focus of inspection.

After the Beijing Olympic Games, Nest Stadium will be made full use of its advantage to stimulate the development of commercial facilities. It will undertake major sports events and theatrical performances, the development of intangible assets, supporting commercial rental property business for three major modules.

The owner of the Nest Stadium also plans to invest about 300 million yuan for the second phase of transformation, including hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, clubs and boutique stores. After that, the commercial area will reach 35 percent.

Water Cube's brand management
The Water CubeWater Cube's foreign chief designer, John Bilmon said that in the initial design stage, his design team has been taken a pragmatic, long-term considerations about the usage of the stadium after the Olympic Games.

The Water Cube's leasure area is five times than the stadium's. A total of 17,000 stadium seats, of which 8,000 are temporary seats. These temporary seats will be removed after the Olympic Games, allows people to leisure and fitness.

After the Olympic Games, the Water Cube will become the main man-made surfing beach, it is also available on a wide variety of water sports and entertainment, fitness and training facilities. It is expected to Beijing after the largest and most comprehensive public water recreation center after the Olympic Games.

If accord with the requirements of FINA, 40,000 square meters is enough. But we have built 80,000 square meters. These areas can do a lot of facilities to serve the people, it can build an international fashion centre of entertainment.

Let more people enjoy the Olympic venues
People enjoy the Olympic venuesBeijing Olympic venue construction plans take into account the principle of centralization and decentralization. Olympic venues in Beijing mainly concentrated in the northern and western of the cities, is divided into four regions, including a central area and three divisions. The central area is in the Olympic Park. Three divisions are university district, western, northern scenic tourist areas. The reason why such a layout, is fully taken into account the use of venues after the Olympic Games, which would facilitate the general public to the nearest fitness training venues.
People enjoy the Olympic venues
The central area of Beijing Olympic venues and facilities as the most concentrated region, after the Olympic Games, it will become a exhibitions, sports, leisure, business and other activities in one of the large-scale high-quality region. University district is for the students' teaching, training, competition and other use.

As for the Shunyi Water Sports Centre Racetrack, after the Olympic Games in the region will become a very unique tour place.

After the Olympics, the venue operators will be handed over to the owners of all the operations and management. Enterprises funded and constructed, in charge of the enterprise management after Olympic Games, which is the innovation of Beijing Olympic Games. Although this model is conducive after use, but taking into account the special nature of Olympic venues and facilities. Businesses can not operate in the blind pursuit of profit.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Buffett is Optimistic About the China's Stock Market

Warren BuffettOn the 22nd, in the thick atmosphere of the Beijing Olympics, Warren Buffett repeatedly talked about the good future of the Chinese stock market during CNBC television interview.

Buffett said that not long ago he had wanted to spend 500 million U.S. dollarson a Chinese stock, but was rejected.

Buffett did not disclose the name of this stock and industry, but surely said that this is a great deal, in a suitable environment, you will see my large-scale investment."

He referred particularly because China's current foreign policy constraints, he couldn't freely buy shares in China Mainland. Earlier, Buffett is also spent 500 million U.S. dollars on CNPC's shares (stock code: 601857), then made a profit of billion 3.5 billion U.S. dollars.

This interview with CNBC's "SQUAWK BOX" section was held in the city Omaha, which is the headquarter of Berkshire Hathaway. It lasted three hours.

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