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Phelps Will be Worth Over 30 Million Dollars After the Beijing Olympic Games

Mike Phelps make history In each session of the Olympic Games, the athletics of track and field and the swimming contribute almost half of the gold medals for the U.S. A.. but this is games only be held once every four years. Actually, the real games which attract people' eyes are several kinds of ball games, such as golf, tennis, basket ball, football, baseball and ice hockey. 2007 Forbes the world's most influential men and women sports stars are golfer Tiger Woods and tennis star Maria Sharapova.

After Beijing Olympic Games, the rich list which are monopolized by ball stars may come to an end. Michael Phelps is expected to become the richest professional swimming athlete of the history.

Commercial value increased with the number of gold medals

In the rich list of the sports stars, there is always ball hot item which on the top. According to Forbes's Top Sports rich list, the top surface of it is the golfer Tiger Woods (100 million U.S. dollars), football star David Beckham (33 million U.S. dollars) and the famous basketball Bryant (33 million U.S. dollars).

However, August of Beijing, in a swimming stadium be named as the "Water Cube" , a "non-popular item," a sports tycoons will catch up with Woods. This is Michael Phelps, appraised as "Alien" by Ian Thorpe. a famous Australian swimming athlete.

Up to yesterday, in Beijing Olympic Games, Phelps has won all five gold medals of his participation in projects. 2004's six gold medals were Counted in, he has become the athlete who own most Olympic gold medal in the history.

According to the Forbes report, since 2004, the average annual advertising revenue is 16 million U.S. dollars. Phelps's strong capacity of winning gold medal, marking his commercial value will also line up. According to the Advisory Group expects who are concentrate on brand management, in Beijing Olympic Games, Phelps's personal income will be increased to 30 million U.S. dollars in the short term, reaching the level of David Beckham.

Sports regal with a simple life

Compared with Tiger Woods, David Beckham's fame and wealth, Phelps should be more honoured. As a swimmer, he don't have their own entertainment time like his peers did. He insist on training at least six hours a day, seven days a week, uninterrupted, even on Christmas. These hard work make him well-known after one battle in Athens and then to Beijing's brilliant legendary experience.

Phelps's success story is a typical "American dream", so loved so deeply by the Americans. The IOC had no choice but to obey the NBC, modify the swimming finals to morning in order to comply with the "American time".

At present, Phelps' speak brands are as follows: Visa, Speedo, Omega, AT & T Wireless, a food company PowerBar, Kellogg's, RosettaStone, PureSport, etc. After a few seconds of his 10th gold medal, Visa company released a TV ad, commemorated he as the most Olympic gold medal athletes.

Now, Phelps has been a rich man, but he said that he is not so concerned with their own money at a news conference. Perhaps the wealth is enough for him, from a family which is not rich.

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World's First Social Networking Site Throne Changed Hands: Facebook Replace Myspace

Facebook, king of social networking siteThe world's first social networking sites throne changed hands. According to market researcher comScore released the latest data indicate that, Facebook user capacity of 132 million people, beyond Myspace owned by News Corp. Myspace's users is amount of 118 million.

As to June of this year, the number of new subscribers increased 153%more than the same period of last year. Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America Mainly to promote the growth of users. Facebook users in North America, volume grew 38 percent, while MySpace is only 3 percent.

Facebook provides translation tools to the users and personalize the site into different users' mother language. MySpace is setting up offices in countries around the world, hope to earn the advertising fee at the same time. This strategy make it slowly expand in new markets.

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Li Ning Soared 144 Million within 48 Hours after the Ignition of Beijing Olympic Games

Li Ning ignite the torch of Beijing Olympic Games 45-year-old Li Ning successfully completed the Olympic Games ignition with a high coefficient of difficulty. This is also the victory of Li Ning brand. Li Ning's personal wealth has been soaring 30 million U.S. dollars, after Li Ning shares rose on Monday. His assets have reached 1.6 billion yuan.

Monday, Li Ning's stock all the way up, to 18.24 yuan at the end of the day, increases as high as 3.519 percent. Turnover was about 1010 Million shares, 184.6 million yuan. All active buying are more than 50 percent, 70 percent more during the peak period.

According to Reuters Chinese network disclosure, as at July 11, Li Ning hold about 266.8 million shares, which means that Li Ning's own wealth soared in more than 100 million yuan, by the way of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games torch ignited.

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Japan Reduce Exports of Chemicals Due to Stagnation Price

JETROAs the rapid growth of petrochemical production, lead to stagnation in export prices. Rising prices of chemical raw material in circumstances reduced the profit margins, Japanese companies plan to reduce the export of these products, for example, special ink.

Japan's petrochemical producers are substantial reduction of overseas exports, the reason is China's output of these products led the increase in exports of weak prices, curbing profits.
Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corp in May to reduce the company's exports of vinyl chloride. The company's officials claimed that the export more, the company suffered greater losses.

Mitsubishi Chemical Corp and some other companies also cut the oil exports of chemicals, these companies in June, exports fell 27 percent to 110,000 tons.

Mitsubishi Chemical Corp in May have reduced exports of vinyl chloride. Mitsui Chemicals Inc plans in the coming years to reduce their high-grade terephthalic acid, the export scale, high-grade terephthalic acid is used in the manufacture of polyester fiber.

These measures are to solve the problem of petrochemical products' weak prices. China's current exports of polyethylene for about 1,930 U.S. dollars/ton to the current exchange rate of about 212 yen/kg. Even if transport costs included, than Japan's export similar products 250 yen/kg lower the price of 15%.

The spot price of vinyl chloride in the past few years rose 8 percent to about 1,490 U.S. dollars / ton. However, this price or the benefits of raw material naphtha prices rose by 50 percent by erosion, resulting in many oil exporting chemicals business needs of enterprises bleeding.

This situation should be blamed on China's oil chemical plant's rapid construction of a large number. China's PTA production capacity in the past five years increased by four times, inhibit the export prices rose.

In addition, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East's new production of vinyl chloride and polyethylene plant will start next year, in such places, the cheap by-product of oil refining can replace petroleum naphtha to produce chemicals.

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Sun Chemical American Special Ink Price Hikes by 10%

Sun Chemical CorporationNew Jersey Paseboni news, with the operating costs of chemical raw materials and the continuous improvement, special ink from Sun Chemical Corporation (Sun Chemical's Specialty Inks Group) will increase in the price of all products in North America The 6 to 10 percent from September 1, 2008.
"Printing ink industry is going through all of our raw materials supply chain costs of the continuing unprecedented rise," Mike Kellen said, the sun special ink chemical company's products business manager, "The rise directly or indirectly from the growth in crude oil prices, while some The original manufacturers of raw materials also rose substantially fluctuations in the cause. "
In addition to the factors that crude oil and raw material costs rose, other factors are also leading the prices to rise: transportation, tight oil supply and demand, the U.S. dollar and weaker commodity market for the investment.
"Unfortunately, the commodity market will be in the foreseeable future continue as the potential pressure on the ink industry," Kellen said. "But Sun Chemical will always supply our customers with innovative products, services and a stable supply, so that they show the best in the market value."
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Regulation About the Energy-saving Buildings

Energy-saving BuildingsThe China State Council recently passed a regulation about the energy-saving buildings. This regulation will go into effect on 1st Oct.

The regulation require real estate developers to express energy consumption information to the buyers, including energy consumption indicators, energy-saving measures and protection requirements, insulation works warranty, and other information. In the scope of the warranty and the warranty period, if there is quality of the insulation works, the real estate developers should take the liability for the loss.

Without the addition of new administrative licensing, under the premise of the new building energy conservation from the implementation of planning, design, construction, to final acceptance, sales of commercial property and the use of the warranty, and so the entire process of monitoring.

The regulation establish public the limit of buildings electricity and announced system. The heating, cooling, lighting energy consumption of the State organs office buildings and large public buildings should be announced to the public.

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Rising Energy Prices Force Dow Chemical Increases Price by 25%

Dow Chemical The largest U.S. chemical products maker Dow Chemical Said, the price of energy and used in the production of styrofoam insulation materials, pesticides and plastic products grows up, will force the company in July the highest price increases 25 percent.
Dow Chemical said in a statement today, from 1st August, each from the truck cargo surcharge increase 300 U.S. dollars per wagon freight surcharge will increase 600 U.S. dollars.
Due to the rising price of the energy and hydrocarbons raw material, the CEO of Dow Chemical Liwei-(ANDREW LIVERIS) increased the prices by 20 percent last month. It is the most significant price hike in the 111-year history of this company. Dow Chemical said that energy and raw material prices "sustainable" rise again so that the company should take measures price increases.
Liwei said in a statement: "Because of the rising prices in the past few months, we have taken measures to restore our company's profit margins."
Dow Chemical said in the past five years, the company's energy and oil and natural gas and other hydrocarbon raw material costs have been substantially up four times, is expected to reach 32 billion U.S. dollars this year. The company also said it will reduce its global production factories, the reason is United States and the countries of the euro zone economic growth slowed.
Dow Chemical said the company euro styrofoam insulation materials production capacity of about 20 percent is idle. In addition, 30 percent of the acrylic acid production capacity in North America and 25 per cent of the global ethylene oxide production capacity was lying idle.
Over the past year, the price of crude oil has nearly doubled, and on the breach of the record high of 139.89 U.S. dollars a barrel on 16th June. This year, gas prices have risen 76 percent.
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Honduras Girl Face of AIDS Bravely

AIDS Conference 2008 On 3th, Aug, the 17th World AIDS Conference was opening in Mexico City. In the general assembly opening session, the 12-year-old Honduran girls Ka Lunda Nawei on behalf of 33 million worldwide infected with HIV and delivered a speech raises the aspirations of all infected persons:"We refuse to tears, we will not give up!"
As early as the Karen 5 years old, parents try to told her that she as them, with a currently incurable diseases, from that time onwards, Karen understand the fact that she is an AIDS patient.
In the growth process, Karen did not, as some infected people as to remain silent, but bravely admit that they are infected with HIV. She often the people around, said:"I need most is the love you all."
In recent years, althouth Karen gradually losing weight, deteriorating health conditions, the two recent incidence even endanger the life, but she miraculously from the Ting. Karen's mother, Rosa Association for AIDS prevention in Honduras, she evaluated his daughter:"Karen is a sweet girl, she is very sensible, very innocent. Although she appears in others, unfortunately, but Karen Never gave up."
Since 1981 the United States found the first case of AIDS in the world, the world has more than 2,500 million people died of the disease. The world's 33 million HIV-infected persons, 90 percent live in poor countries, of which only 300 million people can afford to use expensive anti-retroviral drugs.
17th World AIDS Conference under the theme "Global immediate action", which is the first time the World AIDS Conference held in Latin American countries, about 22,000 people participating.
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Australian Two Mining Giant Merger Will be Accepted at China's Anti-monopoly Review

Australian Two Mining Giant Merger BHP Billiton and RioTinto have submitted the applications of merger to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce for anti-monopoly report. China Steel Industry Association which be on behalf of the Chinese iron and steel sector position have said: China firmly opposes.

Australian mining giant BHP Billiton on the acquisition of another 140 billion U.S. dollars in contract to the mine to the anti-monopoly for the report submitted last month to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, and China's related departments to accept the antitrust review.

The executive vice president of China Steel Industry Association Luo Bingsheng said last Friday, has been to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce expressed the merger of the position, which is opposed.

BHP Billiton has acquired in the United States, the European Union, China and other applications. Because China is the one of the largest exporting country and therefore must go through antitrust review of China's consent.

BHP Billiton, RioTinto and CVRD three companies control more than 72 percent of the world's iron ore resources, the merger will enable the industry's monopoly stronger.


China's first anti-monopoly law, which was proposed 15 years ago and was not passed until last year, takes effect on August 1.

The law, seen by some as the "constitution for the market economy" because of its importance in promoting an environment of fair competition, is regarded by investors and legal experts as a landmark law in China's transition to market economy and further opening up.

Foreign investors should take the law as a positive sign for their future investment in China, said Li Shuguang, a professor at China University of Politics and Law, who participated in drafting the law.

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