Friday, August 15, 2008

Honduras Girl Face of AIDS Bravely

AIDS Conference 2008 On 3th, Aug, the 17th World AIDS Conference was opening in Mexico City. In the general assembly opening session, the 12-year-old Honduran girls Ka Lunda Nawei on behalf of 33 million worldwide infected with HIV and delivered a speech raises the aspirations of all infected persons:"We refuse to tears, we will not give up!"
As early as the Karen 5 years old, parents try to told her that she as them, with a currently incurable diseases, from that time onwards, Karen understand the fact that she is an AIDS patient.
In the growth process, Karen did not, as some infected people as to remain silent, but bravely admit that they are infected with HIV. She often the people around, said:"I need most is the love you all."
In recent years, althouth Karen gradually losing weight, deteriorating health conditions, the two recent incidence even endanger the life, but she miraculously from the Ting. Karen's mother, Rosa Association for AIDS prevention in Honduras, she evaluated his daughter:"Karen is a sweet girl, she is very sensible, very innocent. Although she appears in others, unfortunately, but Karen Never gave up."
Since 1981 the United States found the first case of AIDS in the world, the world has more than 2,500 million people died of the disease. The world's 33 million HIV-infected persons, 90 percent live in poor countries, of which only 300 million people can afford to use expensive anti-retroviral drugs.
17th World AIDS Conference under the theme "Global immediate action", which is the first time the World AIDS Conference held in Latin American countries, about 22,000 people participating.
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Author: Angulo Fu