Thursday, August 21, 2008

INX International Ink Announced A Comprehensive Product Price Hikes

INX International Ink Co.,Recently, INX International Ink Co., the third ink business in United States announces that, due to raw materials, energy and transportation costs continue to rise substantially, the company decided to increase the prices of the ink from 1st September 2008. Prices' range from 10% to 12%. This initiative is follow several other major manufacturers of ink. In recent weeks, main ink manufacturers in North America have already announced price hikes.

Rick Clendenning, the president of INX said that many of the significant cost growth challenge our the capability of digestion and absorption of these costs. We will continue to develop our type of recyclable products. At the same time unswervingly enhance the quality of our supply chain. We plan to strengthen our own energy supply management, while strengthening our sustainable development projects, so that the minimize the impact of price increases. What we have done is designed to meet our customers, ensure that we could provide the superior product quality and service support to them。

INX International Ink Co., is the third-largest ink manufacturers in North America and set up more than 20 production plants in the United States and Canada.

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Author: Angulo Fu