Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olympic Bus Equipped with Electronic Control System from NEC

Electronics Co., Ltd., a subsidiary which is wholly owned by NEC Electronics, announced that the automotive electronic control systems have been used by Beijing Olympics official, in order to ensure the security of the traffic. Now, it has been successfully used for 50 electric buses connecting the Olympic Games with the Olympic Village.

The system is the CAN (ControllerAreaNetwork) control system. It is equipped with a test battery cushion, automatically selected high-speed / low-speed / safety these three kinds of traffic patterns in accordance with battery cushion , and display the time and location of fault. Beijing Institute of Technology in has developed the 32 bit microcontrollers software for NEC Electronics.

Both sides said the joint development of the electronic control system is expected as the template of China's electric bus CAN communication control.

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Author: Angulo Fu