Monday, August 18, 2008

Siemens Bribery in Argentina for 100 Million Dollars by The Investigation

According to the German media reports, the government of Argentina last Friday raided the German Siemens company's office in Buenos Aires, to investigate the Argentina government's bribery by Siemens in the 1990s During the Menem.

According to reports, under the direction of judges Allier Seoul, the Argentine police raided Siemens offices in the city of Buenos Aires last Friday, attempts to find relevant evidence of bribery. According to the court documents, Siemens should be responsible for the former Argentine President Carlos Menem 16 million U.S. dollars of direct bribery, and other officials, including the amount of the bribe may reach 100 million U.S. dollars.

According to the reported that in the 1990s Menem government planned to implement all national electronic ID cards. In order to obtain the contract which is total of 1.26 billion U.S. dollars, Siemens bribed Argentine government officials. Menem government finally signed the contract with Siemens in 1998, but the next President Duhalde announced the cancellation of the contract. In orde to make the contract "resurrect" Siemens continued to bribe Kirchner government until 2004 . At the end of 2006, Siemens bribery scandal was exposured, the former executives of Siemens admitted that the government of Argentina's bribery.

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Author: Angulo Fu