Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Follow-up of Beijing Olympic Games Venues?

Beijing Olympic Games StadiumsAugust 24, 2008, when the Olympic flame extinguished in the night sky of Beijing, cheers dispersed, can not be evaded a question before it. How to use the stadiums which are invested huge amounts of money. All previous Olympic Games experience and lessons tell us that the building of venues costly, after utilization of small, high maintenance costs, which is almost all the Olympic Games are plagued by a host of problems.

Beijing Olympic Games a total of 37 competition venues, of which 31 are in Beijing, including 12 new venues, expanded 11, and eight venues are temporary building. There are aslo 6 competition venues outside of Beijing.

How to use the Nest Stadium?The Nest StadiumIn sports industry developed countries, selling the right to title occupy a very important position in the operation of sports venues. After the Olympic Games in Sydney, in order to get the right to title of the main stadium, Australia Telecommunications Company spent 10 million Australian dollars on it. Munich's Allianz Stadium, Munich Allianz Insurance Company (IANZ) title sponsorship of the stadium. The rate is 120 million euros for 30 years.

It is learnt that the title of Nest Statium will be sold after the Beijing Olympic Games. Currently, six multinational companies have decided to take part in the competition. As the Nest Stadium's particularity, the owners said that the title of the right to determine, is not necessarily the price, in addition to depend on for their own economic enterprises, brand value, corporate culture and so on will become the focus of inspection.

After the Beijing Olympic Games, Nest Stadium will be made full use of its advantage to stimulate the development of commercial facilities. It will undertake major sports events and theatrical performances, the development of intangible assets, supporting commercial rental property business for three major modules.

The owner of the Nest Stadium also plans to invest about 300 million yuan for the second phase of transformation, including hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, clubs and boutique stores. After that, the commercial area will reach 35 percent.

Water Cube's brand management
The Water CubeWater Cube's foreign chief designer, John Bilmon said that in the initial design stage, his design team has been taken a pragmatic, long-term considerations about the usage of the stadium after the Olympic Games.

The Water Cube's leasure area is five times than the stadium's. A total of 17,000 stadium seats, of which 8,000 are temporary seats. These temporary seats will be removed after the Olympic Games, allows people to leisure and fitness.

After the Olympic Games, the Water Cube will become the main man-made surfing beach, it is also available on a wide variety of water sports and entertainment, fitness and training facilities. It is expected to Beijing after the largest and most comprehensive public water recreation center after the Olympic Games.

If accord with the requirements of FINA, 40,000 square meters is enough. But we have built 80,000 square meters. These areas can do a lot of facilities to serve the people, it can build an international fashion centre of entertainment.

Let more people enjoy the Olympic venues
People enjoy the Olympic venuesBeijing Olympic venue construction plans take into account the principle of centralization and decentralization. Olympic venues in Beijing mainly concentrated in the northern and western of the cities, is divided into four regions, including a central area and three divisions. The central area is in the Olympic Park. Three divisions are university district, western, northern scenic tourist areas. The reason why such a layout, is fully taken into account the use of venues after the Olympic Games, which would facilitate the general public to the nearest fitness training venues.
People enjoy the Olympic venues
The central area of Beijing Olympic venues and facilities as the most concentrated region, after the Olympic Games, it will become a exhibitions, sports, leisure, business and other activities in one of the large-scale high-quality region. University district is for the students' teaching, training, competition and other use.

As for the Shunyi Water Sports Centre Racetrack, after the Olympic Games in the region will become a very unique tour place.

After the Olympics, the venue operators will be handed over to the owners of all the operations and management. Enterprises funded and constructed, in charge of the enterprise management after Olympic Games, which is the innovation of Beijing Olympic Games. Although this model is conducive after use, but taking into account the special nature of Olympic venues and facilities. Businesses can not operate in the blind pursuit of profit.

Originally Posted: China Business Daily
Author: Angulo Fu