Thursday, September 11, 2008

Commemorate Seven Anniversary of 9/11, almost all Flag Made in China

U.S. Natinal FlagWith the September 11 increasingly approaching, many Americans will plug a U.S. flag in the yard or hands to commemorate this special day. Seven years before, September 11 2001, the United States experienced terrorist attacks. The New York World Trade Center collapsed in the attack.

If you check the label below the national flag carefully, you may find the origin of the flags may be the Chinese mainland. In fact, after the 9/11 incident, a large number of Chinese-made American flag poured into the U.S. market.

The nation's largest flag makers FlagSource president Janice Christiansen said the many Americans want to buy cheap flag is the reason for massive influx of China-made American flag.

The national flag was the only one textile industry which is a completely managed by the United States. Before the 9-11 incident, almost all of U.S. flags on the market are from U.S. domestic manufacturers. However, most of them on the market are from overseas, mainly from China, India, Mexico and other countries.

It is not clear how many national flag on the U.S. market from overseas. But be sure, compared with seven years ago, the price of national flag has greatly declined. U.S. market is filled with a variety of cheap flags.

Yankee Doodle Flag is a Flag vendor. The CEO Fred Bretzloff said there are about 60 percent of Americans do not want to buy national flag from overseas, but there are still 40 percent of Americans do not mind the origin of the national flag.

Originally Posted: China Business Daily
Author: Angulo Fu