Monday, September 1, 2008

Massage Chair is Expanding to a Huge Market

Massage ChairMassage is a traditional method for health and leisure. There has a long history of 4000 years. It is very common in SPA centres and treatment rooms. The massage chair simulate the fingers, push the human body's fatigue and pain location, in order to increase the body's comfort.
As people's health awareness is constant high, and more and more people pay attention to leisure and relaxation, massage chairs started continuously stationed in the retail shops and the Americans homes.
More and more consumers aware of this very unique chair brought benefits. Moreover, today's massage chairs has shaken off its initial impression of consumers. Before, people are always considered function more important than form.

Now, there are many models of massage chair for consumer choice, including lounge and home theater massage chair. These massage chairs have the capabilities of the rotation and kneading. And in the latest products, there is heating system installed to upgrade the massage chair comfort.

At the same time, new type of massage chairs also raised the aesthetic value, so as to better integrate into the interior furnishings.

Previously, the majority of massage chairs are sold in various stores. These stores mainly sold back health products, such as Relax the Back stores, Sharper Image stores and Brookstone stores. With the increase in demand for massage chairs and prices fell, more and more retailers to sell its massage chairs, including Art Van (furniture stores), Costco (wholesalers), major retailers and electronics vendors.

Cozzia is a China-based supplier. CEO Nathan Munton said that 15 percent of Japanese households have a massage chair. Munton said this is a huge market, and the United States and Canada consumer groups are gradually expanding, and will be a certain scale in the next five to eight years.

Originally Posted: China Business Daily
Author: Angulo Fu