Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Alibaba Stop Running Ads on Baidu

Baidu VS AlibabaIt is confirmed by Alibaba that Alibaba B2B had sent a formal notification to Baidu about the termination of the advertising contract on October 10. All ads will terminate soon.

Alibaba said that the termination of Baidu's advertising contract is based on the effect. Alibaba said that according to the analysis of customer data, the quality of Baidu's traffic has decreased year by year, there is a considerable proportion of unknown sources of invalid traffic.

As early as the end of 2007, Alibaba's brother company Taobao had been stopped running ads on Baidu. Taobao yesterday announced that over the past year after shield Baidu spider, the traffic continues to rise, up 180 percent. Taobao has been one of top three domestic sites. The growth of transaction volume is up 240 percent, as of September this year, monthly transaction volume has exceeded RMB 10 billion.

Originally Posted: China Business Daily
Author: Angulo Fu