Thursday, November 6, 2008

Azelis Become a Distributor of Reichhold in UK

Reichhold reached a commercial co-operation agreement with Azelis, a British distributor. Since then zelis will be a agency authorized by the Azelis, may be responsible for the sales and customer service in the Northern Ireland.

Reichhold's main production are polyester, vinyl polyester and gel-coated material, as well as other products are widely used in various industrial fields, such as energy, construction, marine vessels, transport, sanitary and kitchen products.

Maartenvanden Ouden, the area sales manager evaluates the cooperation between the two sides as follows: Reichhold will continue to offer high-quality products and services to users. By signing a new commercial agency contract with Azelis, we believe that this concept will continue to be passed in the Northern Ireland. Azelis has operated composites trading for many years, has a professional technology and business services team. I think Azelis will made a significant progress in the region by virtue of their strength.

Gianni Ostelli, the header of the Azelis international composite business department, said as a team sustain to concerned about providing customers with high value-added services, Azelis Composites will supply be first-class service to local users, and work together with Reichhold to promote the local business.


ReichholdReichhold is the world's largest supplier of unsaturated polyester resins for composites and a leading supplier of coating resins for a wide variety of markets and applications. Reichhold has 18 manufacturing sites in 11 countries, including two tolling sites, throughout the Americas, the Middle East and Europe.
Founded in 1927, Reichhold will celebrate 80 years in business in 2007. With its world headquarters and technology center in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA, Reichhold has the widest global reach of any resin supplier today.
AzelisAzelis provides access to European markets for manufacturers and suppliers of products to the following industry sectors: Coatings, Composites, Plastics, Chemical Industries, Pharma (human & veterinary), Animal Nutrition, Food & Health, Cosmetics and Rubber.

Its early strategy of growth through acquisition has resulted in almost total European coverage, with 32 companies integrated into an efficient operation that reaps the benefits of inter-group synergies whilst maintaining a deep knowledge of, and connection with, local markets.

Azelis employs nearly 1 100 people and in 2007 achieved sales of € 1 093 million.
Originally Posted: China Business Daily
Author: Angulo Fu