Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fuoss 01 Track Car Coming

Fuoss 01Accompanied by the economic recession, people have begun to re-examine the fundamental values of the cars as a means of transport. More and more people concern about the impact on environment and economic as a result in unnecessary pursuit. The perspect of luxury cars are poor. At the same time, people's enthusiasm in track car which could only enhance the driving pleasure, and to limit the size are growing quickly.

Europeans track junkies have one more option vying for their hard-earned cash. As a vechile likes a go cart, the Fuoss 01 using the same philosophy as vehicles from Lotus, Caterham and KTM, it relies on its light weight for acceptable performance. But with only a 40-hp, 400cc Suzuki motorcycle engine motivating the 660-pound one-seater, V-Max is a very limited 90 mph. Regardless, the Fuoss should be an entertaining track tool, particularly with its five-speed sequential transmission cribbed from Suzuki keeping the motor on boil. The driver sits as low as possible and with no heavy roof overhead, mass is centralized down low. Only ten examples are planned for its first year of production in 2009, so if you want one of the €29,000 machines, you'd better act fast.

Originally Posted: China Business Daily
Author: Angulo Fu