Monday, November 24, 2008

Splendid China Opened in Shenzhen

Splendid ChinaSplendid China opened in Shenzhen on November 22, 1989. Splendid China is a comprehensive miniature park reflecting the history, culture, art, ancient architecture, and customs and habits of various nationalities in China. It is one of the world's largest scenery parks in the amount of scenarios reproduced. The park is developed and managed by the major travel and tourist corporation, China Travel Services.

Splendid China is situated by the Shenzhen Bay in a tourist area of Oversea Chinese Town (OCT) in Shenzhen, Special Economic Zone of China. It is a 35-40 minute train ride from Lo Wu metro station (Line 1 of Shenzhen Metro), or 30 minutes by bus (bus number 101 or mini-bus 23 are two examples).

Over 100 major tourist attractions have been miniaturized and laid out according to the map of China. Most attractions have been reduced on a scale of 1:15. It is divided into Scenic Spot Area and Comprehensive Service Area. The entire park covers 30 hectares.

There are cars and trains to transport visitors around the park, making it possible to visit the Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Temple of heaven, Three Gorges Dam, Potala Palace and the Terracotta Army in one day.

The park also hosts several shows depicting various events in Chinese History (e.g. a horse riding show depicting a battle led by Genghis Khan), Chinese Cultural Show, etc. Some of the shows are only performed on weekends.

Originally Posted: China Business Daily
Author: Angulo Fu