Tuesday, August 19, 2008

".中国" Access to the Internet Top Domain Name System

.中国 ".中国", Chinese top-level domain name, will soon enter the global Internet in 2009. Recently, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) officially launched "From China to the World, Global Update of China's Domain Name", to help users to achieve the times of ".中国" smoothly.

It is reported that when ".中国" into the global root domain name system, all "Chinese. CN" domain names registered users will automatically receive the corresponding domain name of "Chinese. 中国". So, the users need not be applied for registration in it. And the all " Chinese. 中国"domain names will synchronized to upgrade to the" Chinese domain name " global root domain name registered system in order to the global Internet access.

For example, Beijing University, registered the "北京大学. cn", will automatically get the name of "北京大学. 中国". By then, Internet users type "北京大学.中国" in the browser, like now enter "北京大学.cn" or "pku.edu.cn", may directly access to Peking University website.

Originally Posted: Danmex.org
Author: Angulo Fu