Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baidu Removal All Servers to Switch to Flash Memory Drives

baiduThe rumors that Baidu large-scale remove the hard drives of search servers were confirmed by Baidu official on the 19th afternoon. Baidu announced formally replace the hard drives of search server with flash memory technology and large-scale commercial use. Baidu claimed to be the world's first Internet company which make use of the flash memory technology in server.

It is reported that Baidu carrying hundreds of millions of hits a day, the retrieval and storage index computing clusters have all been removed hard drive and replace them with massive flash memory which is researched by Baidu.

Baidu related technology official said, compared with the ordinary hard disk storage which is widespread adoption, Baidu's flash-based storage cards, will be able to make a 100 times performance on read and write, 3 times faster response, and energy consumption is far below the general store.

According to the relevant person in charge of, it is a technical difficulty of large-scale using a high cluster of flash memory. Many companies in the world are still in the phase of testing, has not been large-scale business.

Originally Posted: Danmex.org
Author: Angulo Fu