Thursday, August 28, 2008

Differences of 3G Network Cause iPhone 3G Connection Problem

iPhone 3GAccording to media reports, a survey recently released shows that iPhone 3G frequent connection problems because of the service providers' 3G network, rather than the phone itself.

Recently, the rest of the world's users of iPhone 3G are complaining about the phone's problems of connection interruption and not enough signal strength. In response, the well-known technology magazine and Gadget Lab conducted a survey. According to the survey, recently iPhone 3G's problems stem form regional differences of 3G network, rather than the iPhone's.'s surveys show that the United States and Europe 3G network coverage strength are very different. Specifically, the 3G network users form Germany and the Netherlands enjoy the best of their download speeds, can reach about 2000 Kbps. And majority of users which can connected to the 3G in the United States. At the same time, the survey also showed that the users under the service provider T-Mobile's network coverage in Europe can enjoy the fatest download speed, can achieve an average of 1822 Kbps. The Europe's 3G network is most mature, while the U.S. 3G network started in 2004.

Followed by Europe is Rogers and Fido, two Canadian service providers. Their download speeds can up to about 1330 Kbps. Although the United States 3G network is not mature, but AT & T's network is still ranked third, its download speed is around 990 Kbps, are tied with the Telstra (Australia), Softbank (Japan) and Telia (Sweden). The slowest 3G network's ownership is the Australian service providers Optus and Virgin, the average download speed of only 390 Kbps.

From a small region, such networks are still obvious different. For example, the survey shows that in Manhattan, New York Rockefeller Center and Fifth Avenue, there is very strong 3G signal. But other regions of the New York network are not always.'s survey showed that iPhone 3G's major problems stem from the service providers' network, rather than the phone itself. And if fact is as the survey, then Apple will not be able to update software to solve the users' problems. Because in order to solve this problem, Apple should wait for all service providers optimize their 3G network.

Originally Posted: China Business Daily
Author: Angulo Fu