Friday, August 29, 2008

Steve Jobs Bogged Down Health Rumors, Five Major Missions are not Completed

Steve Jobs In recent months, Steve Jobs's physical condition became the focus of industry attention. Some people even suspected him of cancer recurrence. And just in this critical period, the United States Bloomberg News mistakenly released Jobs Obituary in the afternoon of Wednesday .

The evaluation of Jobs is that the computer has become easy-to-use like the mobile phone; he changed the production way of the animated films, make digital music popular and lead the trendy of the handset design. Bloomberg quickly removed the obituary, but left some reverie to people.

Some analysts believe that Jobs is still below 5 works have not yet been completed:

1. Tablet PC

The touch-screen technology used by iPhone has been applied to the iPod products. But Apple hinted that iPod is not the only use of touch technology products. Some analysts believe that Apple will take the touch technology into the Tablet PC. Bill Shope, Analyst of Credit Suisse Global think it is very likely for Apple to launch the Tablet PC in short term.

2. TV

Early in this year, Forrester Research first proposed the idea in a report. Subsequently, the Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak also hinted that Apple will launch its own design TV. If so, Apple TV will regain freshman.

3. Remote control equipment

For Jobs which has strong desire of control, introducing a remote control device is almost irresistible. In fact, Apple has made efforts in this area. For example, Apple has developed an application that allows users of iPhone and iPod remote control a computer or Apple TV.

4. e-Reader

Amazon's e-book reader Kindle has early succeeded, but still fly in the ointment. In addition to the deficiencies in the design, Kindle lack of business mode for success. Unlike iPod, to closely integrate the equipment and contents.

5. Personal Computer

Graphical user interface and a mouse is not the invention of Steve Jobs, but he first applied these technology to a computer, and attract users. Mac computers has been launched for 24 years. But now, keyboard is still the main form of dialogue between human and computer. With the popularity of touch technology, I believe Jobs should have some ideas in improving human-computer interaction.

Originally Posted: China Business Daily
Author: Angulo Fu