Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jinjiang Liqi Glass Ink Decorate Bird's Nest Stadium

China red glaze inkJinjiang Liqi Fine Material Co., Ltd is a company which produce chemicals. The featured product is high-temperature glaze glass ink. The products are widely used in daily steel and glass colour glaze for construction, frosting processing and windscreen of vehicle. The works are completed are the China red in Beijing National Stadium, the Shanghai International Conference Center and the new building of CCTV.

Liqi glasee colour glaze ink also be sold to overseas markets. The building of the Russian Federation which is Europe's first high-rise on the choice of the Liqi glass ink. There is also known as the "world's first high-rise building" the Dubai tower also choose the Liqi glass ink. Dubai, is a port city of United Arab Emirates. Dubai Tower, this skyscraper is 700 meters in height, is expected to Built in 2008, will replace Taipei 101 Tower which is located in Taiwan Province of China, become the world's highest skyscraper.

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Author: Angulo Fu