Sunday, August 17, 2008

Zhejiang NHU Restricted Price Increases Under Cost Pressures

Zhejiang NHU Company Ltd.Zhejiang NHU Company Ltd. released a new price hike announcement of vitamin A and vitamin E. Analysts said the price adjustment mainly follows the international market conditions and the pressure on operating costs. Because the economy of the vitamin industry is still in a rising stage, the price still may increase in the future.

On 10th June, Zhejiang NHU Company Ltd. announced that increased vitamin E and vitamin A's external pricing. After price hiking, the price of vitamin E 50% powder (feed-grade) increase by about 40 percent, vitamin A increase by about 80 percent. The company said the new prices can not be determined on time, and there is volatility risk in the future.

Analysts believe that in the recently, Zhejiang NHU Company Ltd.‘s vitamin products' price hike is driven by the increases in the international market and increased pressure on companies. For example, increasing inflationary, the state tightening macro-control policy, costs of environmental protection, increasing pressure on the business.

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Author: Angulo Fu