Friday, August 15, 2008

Li Ning Soared 144 Million within 48 Hours after the Ignition of Beijing Olympic Games

Li Ning ignite the torch of Beijing Olympic Games 45-year-old Li Ning successfully completed the Olympic Games ignition with a high coefficient of difficulty. This is also the victory of Li Ning brand. Li Ning's personal wealth has been soaring 30 million U.S. dollars, after Li Ning shares rose on Monday. His assets have reached 1.6 billion yuan.

Monday, Li Ning's stock all the way up, to 18.24 yuan at the end of the day, increases as high as 3.519 percent. Turnover was about 1010 Million shares, 184.6 million yuan. All active buying are more than 50 percent, 70 percent more during the peak period.

According to Reuters Chinese network disclosure, as at July 11, Li Ning hold about 266.8 million shares, which means that Li Ning's own wealth soared in more than 100 million yuan, by the way of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games torch ignited.

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Author: Angulo Fu