Friday, August 15, 2008

World's First Social Networking Site Throne Changed Hands: Facebook Replace Myspace

Facebook, king of social networking siteThe world's first social networking sites throne changed hands. According to market researcher comScore released the latest data indicate that, Facebook user capacity of 132 million people, beyond Myspace owned by News Corp. Myspace's users is amount of 118 million.

As to June of this year, the number of new subscribers increased 153%more than the same period of last year. Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America Mainly to promote the growth of users. Facebook users in North America, volume grew 38 percent, while MySpace is only 3 percent.

Facebook provides translation tools to the users and personalize the site into different users' mother language. MySpace is setting up offices in countries around the world, hope to earn the advertising fee at the same time. This strategy make it slowly expand in new markets.

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Author: Angulo Fu