Friday, August 15, 2008

Regulation About the Energy-saving Buildings

Energy-saving BuildingsThe China State Council recently passed a regulation about the energy-saving buildings. This regulation will go into effect on 1st Oct.

The regulation require real estate developers to express energy consumption information to the buyers, including energy consumption indicators, energy-saving measures and protection requirements, insulation works warranty, and other information. In the scope of the warranty and the warranty period, if there is quality of the insulation works, the real estate developers should take the liability for the loss.

Without the addition of new administrative licensing, under the premise of the new building energy conservation from the implementation of planning, design, construction, to final acceptance, sales of commercial property and the use of the warranty, and so the entire process of monitoring.

The regulation establish public the limit of buildings electricity and announced system. The heating, cooling, lighting energy consumption of the State organs office buildings and large public buildings should be announced to the public.

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Author: Angulo Fu