Friday, August 15, 2008

Sun Chemical American Special Ink Price Hikes by 10%

Sun Chemical CorporationNew Jersey Paseboni news, with the operating costs of chemical raw materials and the continuous improvement, special ink from Sun Chemical Corporation (Sun Chemical's Specialty Inks Group) will increase in the price of all products in North America The 6 to 10 percent from September 1, 2008.
"Printing ink industry is going through all of our raw materials supply chain costs of the continuing unprecedented rise," Mike Kellen said, the sun special ink chemical company's products business manager, "The rise directly or indirectly from the growth in crude oil prices, while some The original manufacturers of raw materials also rose substantially fluctuations in the cause. "
In addition to the factors that crude oil and raw material costs rose, other factors are also leading the prices to rise: transportation, tight oil supply and demand, the U.S. dollar and weaker commodity market for the investment.
"Unfortunately, the commodity market will be in the foreseeable future continue as the potential pressure on the ink industry," Kellen said. "But Sun Chemical will always supply our customers with innovative products, services and a stable supply, so that they show the best in the market value."
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Author: Angulo Fu