Monday, August 18, 2008

U.S. Download Speeds of Broadband is Only Japan's 3%

On Tuesday this week, Communications Workers of America in a report issued said that the U.S. Internet broadband's speeds of upload and download almost no increase in the past year, lagging far behind other countries.

Communications Workers of America said that over the past year, the average speed of download only grew 0.4 Mbps, to 2.3 Mbps. Compared with Japan and South Korea's broadband Internet connection download speeds were 63 Mbps and 49 Mbps. That is to say, the United States Broadband download speeds equivalent to only 3 percent of Japan or 4.7 percent of South Korea's. The average upload speed of U.S. broadband is only 435 Kbps.

Communications Workers of America hope to use this report lobby the U.S. Congress to develop a national broadband policy. The Association supports the Senate by a Broadband Data Improvement Act, wish to increase the speed of broadband connections.

Larry Cohen, the president of Communications Workers of America, said that it is essential to raising the speed of the broadband connection to maintenance for the United States's competitiveness in the global market. In his blog, he said that it is not to increase broadband speeds to more quickly download movies, but is related to our economy and remain competitive capacity in global markets. The development of rural areas, telemedicine and distance learning are dependent on the real high-speed network.

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Author: Angulo Fu