Monday, August 18, 2008

Security Become the Biggest Obstacle to Enter Enterprise Market

iPhoneAccording to media reports, Apple's latest TV ads for the iPhone 3G shows that: it has a great use for the business. However, some enterprises with high security principle said that iPhone's security is not enough, especially its lack of encryption function, which is the biggest obstacle to entered into the enterprise market.

The new version of iPhone support Exchange ActiveSync, which allows users to access e-mail, scheduling, contacts management and other operations. And many other new features also make CIO began to consider the deployment of its enterprise applications, but its security aspects' lack make people to hesitate.

Al Berg, the global security manager of Liquidnet said that if iPhone really want to enter the enterprise market, security issues must be resolved. Berg said that once the user's iPhone loss, there must some time before they report the loss. If the lack of adequate security, it is very dangerous. Although he really likes iPhone, but the lack of adequate security let he dno't use it in the business environment.

Apple's release software development kits to third-party developers can separate applications for encryption, but it does not allow these developers to create encryption for the iPhone throughout the tools.

Security experts criticized Apple focus too much on the consumer market and provide more business applications above, and the lack of attention to security features. If we really want to recognized iPhone as an enterprise-class equipment, Apple should open up its development tools encryption for entire telephone.

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Author: Angulo Fu