Monday, September 1, 2008

Obama Accepted the President Nomination, will Focus on Economic

Barack Obama Evening of 28, U.S. Senator Obama accepted the presidential nomination in the Democratic National Convention, became the first minorities ethnic U.S. presidential candidate nominated by major political parties.

Recently, Obama can accommodate gave a speech to 75,000 people in the stadium of Denver. He said that the Bush government's failed policies and domestic partisan struggle over the past eight years led to declining of living standards of ordinary people. Therefore, he asked the Democrats, Republicans and independent people to take measures to change the actuality, ensure the United States hopes immortal.

Tax cuts, education, medical protection are Obama's election platform

In his speech, Obama reiterated the necessity of tax reduction policy for working families, achieving energy self-sufficiency through the development of alternative energy sources, providing world-class education for young people, and supplying health services which are affordable by all people.

Against McCain's criticism on his lack of experience in foreign and defence, Obama said the era's of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy has confirmed the Democratic Party has the ability to deal with these matters.

Obama also criticized the Bush goverment's foreign policy making the several generations of U.S. Democratic Party and the Republican's efforts have been in vain. He said that the Democratic Party will restore these legacy, and end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, prevent Iran from acquiring of nuclear weapons, establish a new partnership to deal with the the threat to U.S. in the 21st Century.

Originally Posted: China Business Daily
Author: Angulo Fu