Thursday, November 6, 2008

3AChemical and DuPont Introduce Teflon Protective Coating

DuPontAfter many years of cooperation between 3A Chemical Co. and DuPont, recently announced that work together again to introduce a new paint product in China paint market. The new generation of coatings will further enhance the consumers' confidence in 3A Chemical's innovation coating, as well as the science and technology of surface protection from DuPont Teflon ®.

At present, 3A Chemical Co. is the first building interior wall paint business which is licensed to use DuPont Teflon ® trademark. This new coating product is in the use of DuPont Teflon ® surface protection technology.


In chemistry, poly(tetrafluoroethene) or poly(tetrafluoroethylene) (PTFE) is a synthetic fluoropolymer which finds numerous applications. PTFE's most well known trademark in the industry is the DuPont brand name Teflon.

Water and water-containing substances like most foods do not wet PTFE, therefore adhesion to PTFE surfaces is inhibited. Due to this property PTFE is used as a non-stick coating for pans and other cookware. It is very non-reactive, and so is often used in containers and pipework for reactive and corrosive chemicals. Where used as a lubricant, PTFE reduces friction, wear and energy consumption of machinery.

Originally Posted: China Business Daily
Author: Angulo Fu