Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hackers Unlock Google Phone G1

Google Phone G1November 6, through a gaping loophole of Android operating system, some hackers have successfully unlocked the G1 cell phone which has just sold by T-Mobile.

According to the method of unlock which is published in the XDA-Developers Forum, it is very easy to jailbreak, hackers can obtain root authority within one minute.

Hackers use PTerminal software to connect the IP address of the G1, and then get a root authority.

Unlock G1 is easier than Apple's iPhone. The hackers have spent several weeks to hijack the iPhone security measures.

Unlock G1 also has great significance because it allows users to use G1 cell phone beyond T-Mobile expect. As a result of this method to unlock allows users obtain the authority of system control, perhaps G1 will soon be able to run the Symbian, Linux or other smart phone operating system.
The other members of XDA-Developers Forum also discussed the use of such methods so that the Goole cell phone G1, as well as other types of Android act as a Wi-Fi router in the future.

A Google spokesman said the company plans to release a software patch to amend this loophole.

Originally Posted: China Business Daily
Author: Angulo Fu