Monday, August 18, 2008

BMW Release X5 Security

BMW X5 SecurityBMW has released their latest X5 security bullet-proof car. This bulletproof car belonging to the European VR4 grade level. The body can withstand 44-caliber Magnums, 357-caliber Magnums Kruger and 9 mm pistol at close range shooting.

BMW X5 security bullet-proof car look basically consistent with the ordinary version of X5, but a bullet-proof armored cockpit design. The chassis use high-performance fiber composite materials and special steel products. The windows are thicker-armored bullet-proof glass, with a layer of polycarbonate, can effectively prevent glass hurt the passenger. The nylon tyre is made of bullet-proof material, even Breakdown by a bullet, still drive over 100 kilometers under the speed of 70 km/h. In order to observe the surrounding circumstances, BMW X5 Security is equipped with camera system.

BMW X5 Security carry a 4.8 l V8 engine. The maximum power is 355 horsepower, could achieve maximum torque 475 Nm in 3400 rpm. This particular model of X5's highest rate is limited at speed 210 km/h by the electronic system. When the weight of body increased, the car remained the accelerate results: 0-100 meters 7.5 seconds.

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Author: Angulo Fu