Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tai Lin Radio Collapse

Tai Lin Radio Service LimitedTai Lin Radio Service Limited is the earliest one of the electrical appliances store in Hong Kong, founded in 1946. By serving the communities for sixty years, Tai Lin has established trust and esteem with customers.

Retailing and repairing radios were the core early stage business of Tai Lin, by growing of the business, product range expanded broadly to televisions & electronic appliances. In 1975, Tai Lin even introduced the first stereo Hi-Fi to Hong Kong.

In order to cope with the rapid growing populations in the 60's, Tai Lin broadly expanded their business by opening shop outlets in different areas of Hong Kong and varies shopping arcades.

Tai Lin Radio Service Limited was officially trademarked in 1976 and as their name implied "Service Orientated" as the company's focal point. For the generations to come, Tai Lin would carry on their aim serving the communities with the latest electrics and the greatest sincere.

Year 2006, Tai Lin celebrated their 60th anniversary.

Because the problem of management, Tai Lin Radio Service Limited went bankrupt on the October 17, 2008.

Originally Posted: China Business Daily
Author: Angulo Fu